This Weeks Contest Winner – Announced – July 15th + Bonus Affiliate Reward


This Weeks Contest Winner – Congratulations to our Community Member and Affiliate Anita Nelson for winning last weeks contest. Anita (and recent patient traveler) receives a $100 gift certificate for assuming top position in the Community leader board. Thank you Anita for your contributions and for being our Contest Winner this week.


Honorable mentions also go to: Laketta Foster (United States), GypsyD (Tasmania) Paula Redding (United Kingdom), and Heather Mills (Canada).  Thank you so much ladies you were all fantastic! 

Check out our Community Leaderboard results below.

Affiliate Referral Bonus – For This Weeks Contest Winner

As an additional Bonus our Contest Winner this week, Anita, also receives another $200 Gift card for referring another patient to Gorgeous Getaways for a total reward of $300. Thank you so much, great results Anita! She will choose her gift card from our reward catalog.

If you want to refer family or friends to Gorgeous Getaways you can invite friends from your profile, and or join the affiliate program to share your link on your own social channels, blog, or website. Need assistance, just pop me a note and I will add you as an affiliate.

Anita’s Experience

Watch Anita’s testimonial here. 

If you have any questions about any content or rewards or our affiliate program please reach out to me on the community (I am automatically added to your friend list) or email me directly. I look forward to hearing from you.

Join in on our future Weekly Contests and you too can be a winner like Anita. More Information and instruction is available here. 

Melanie McGregor

Member Engagement, Program and Rewards