How To Check The Leaderboard


What is our GG Leaderboard?

The purpose of our GG leaderboard is to show members where they rank in points or a specific campaign in the community. Those at the top show the most activity, and are eligible for rewards and incentives. The leaderboard also shows you where you stand relative to other members.  Not everyone wants to participate in all programs, but the options is there for many who want to promote activity, earn rewards and incentives. 

Affiliate Program

If you want to refer Gorgeous Getaways creatives (banners, links) on your own blog or site, or simply refer friends, look at the Affiliate program. its easy to sign up right on the community.  You can also create your own group and invite your friends to your own groups as well.

Top 3 Members on Leaderboard:

  1. # 1Profile Photo
    846 Points
  2. # 2Profile Photo
    Laketta Foster
    480 Points
  3. # 3Profile Photo
    Tina Shackley
    420 Points

Next 10 Qualifying Members on Leaderboard:

  1. # 4Profile Photo
    Heather Mills
    375 Points
  2. # 5Profile Photo
    Brandi Currier
    275 Points
  3. # 6Profile Photo
    Anita Nelson
    234 Points
  4. # 7Profile Photo
    223 Points
  5. # 8Profile Photo
    Indira Patel
    196 Points
  6. # 9Profile Photo
    narelle fogarty
    186 Points
  7. # 10Profile Photo
  8. # 11Profile Photo
    175 Points
  9. # 12Profile Photo
  10. # 13Profile Photo
    132 Points

If you have any questions about the the community please reach out to me on the community (I am automatically added to your friend list) or email me directly. We also welcome comments, feedback and suggestions anytime. I look forward to hearing from you.

Melanie McGregor

Member Engagement, Program and Rewards


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