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Gorgeous Getaways Presents: Prof. Aziz SUMER, MD – Bariatric Surgery

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When it comes to tackling complex issues like obesity and metabolic diseases, Prof. Aziz Sumer is your go-to surgeon at Gorgeous Getaways. His qualifications and extensive experience make him an authority in General Surgery, specializing in Obesity and Metabolic Diseases Surgery. A Foundation Built on Education and Training Prof. Sumer began his medical journey

Gorgeous Getaways Presents: Dr. Ratchamon Pinyoteppratarn – Bariatric Surgery

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Dr. Ratchamon Pinyoteppratarn is not just a seasoned bariatric surgeon; she is an ally in your transformative journey towards a healthier, more fulfilling life. At Gorgeous Getaways, we consider her an indispensable part of our medical team, and for a good reason. A Foundation of Excellence Dr. Ratchamon's expertise stems from an impressive educational

Gorgeous Getaways Presents: Dr. Sathienrapong Chantawibul – Bariatric Surgery

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Dr. Sathienrapong Chantawibul Specializations: Advanced Laparoscopic and Bariatric Surgery, Minimally Invasive Procedures About Phaet Rangsit 2 Hospital He operates at Phaet Rangsit 2 Hospital. Phaet Rangsit 2 Hospital was established in 2019 to increase medical options for all groups of diseases. Raise the level of care to be equivalent to the standard of leading private hospitals

Allurion Balloon vs. Gastric Sleeve: A Comparative Analysis

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When it comes to weight loss interventions, Allurion Balloon and gastric sleeve surgery are two popular options that offer effective results. Both approaches have their unique benefits and considerations, making it important for individuals to understand their differences before making an informed decision. Allurion Balloon: Non-surgical Approach to Weight Loss: The Allurion Balloon is

When Do You Start Losing Weight After Bariatric Surgery?

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Bariatric surgery is a life-changing procedure that can significantly aid in weight loss for individuals struggling with obesity. After undergoing bariatric surgery, one of the most common questions patients have is when they will start to see the pounds come off. While weight loss experiences can vary, there are general patterns that can help

Meet Dr. Juan Emerio Hernández – Bariatric Surgery, Mexico

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Meet Dr. Juan Emerio Hernández who performs bariatric surgery in several cities in Mexico! If you are looking for one of the best certified bariatric and metabolic surgeons in Mexico, you are in the right place.  Dr. Hernández offers laparoscopic gastric bypass and sleeve gastrectomy all-inclusive packages in Cancun, Matamoros, and in Guadalajara as well. 

Unveiling the Beauty of Medical Tourism and W Hospital in Bangkok

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We are thrilled to announce an exciting partnership that will elevate your medical tourism experience to new heights. Gorgeous Getaways has joined forces with W Hospital in Bangkok, Thailand, to offer you an unrivaled combination of world-class healthcare services and luxurious getaways. At Gorgeous Getaways, we have always been committed to providing our clients

Medical Park Turkey – Experience Concierge Service at Affordable Prices

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Medical Park Hospital in Turkey is renowned for providing high-quality healthcare services to patients from around the world. With its state-of-the-art facilities and highly experienced medical professionals, the hospital is a popular destination for international patients seeking cosmetic and bariatric surgery. Concierge Services At Medical Park, international patients can enjoy the benefits of the

Gastric Sleeve – Prince Court Malaysia

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Bariatric Surgery Center of Excellence Prince Court Medical Centre has a Bariatric Surgery Center of Excellence that offers various weight loss procedures to help patients achieve their desired weight loss goals. The center’s multidisciplinary team of specialists includes bariatric surgeons, dieticians, and psychologists, who work together to provide comprehensive care for patients seeking weight

Prince Court Medical Center – Malaysia

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About Prince Court Medical Centre Prince Court Medical Centre is a private hospital located in the heart of Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. The hospital offers a wide range of medical and surgical services, including cosmetic surgery, bariatric surgery, health checks, cardiology, oncology, orthopedics, neurology, and gastroenterology, among others. The hospital has state-of-the-art facilities and equipment,


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