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Bariatric Surgery & Remote Monitoring: The Paradigm Shift

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Bariatric Surgery & Remote Monitoring: The Paradigm Shift.  It is a reality that plenty of people in the world suffer from obesity despite their efforts of losing weight.  There are many options promoting immediate weight loss, from keto diets, to yoga exercises, and extreme exercise routines. However, sometimes they do not work at all.  This

Bariatric Surgery in Bali

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Bariatric Surgery in Bali We offer bariatric surgery in Bali as well as in various destinations including Mexico, Thailand, Malaysia, Spain, and more. Bariatric surgery in Bali has quite reasonable prices when converted to your local currency. If you are considering bariatric surgery overseas we highly recommend a remote monitoring service to manage pre

$50 Gift Card – Start Your Medical Savings Plan

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Start Your Medical Savings Plan - before July 1st (with as little as $50 down) and get a $50 dollar gift card.   The Patient First Savings Plan is designed to maximize your medical savings by offering our clients interest on their deposited savings to apply towards any medical procedure or treatment package.

Beat Extreme Obesity with Weight Loss Surgery

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Today we will talk about Obesity Class III which is also known as extreme or morbid obesity. A significant percentage of the population in the world suffer of this chronic medical condition.  It is determined when a patient has a BMI above 40, which is around 80-100 pounds above the normal weight.  People suffering from

Our Patient Testimonials in Mexico

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Plastic Surgery & Weight Loss in Mexico Years ago you could find plenty of top healthcare services for international visitors traveling around the world. Exotic destinations in Asia were pretty famous offering amazing prices. From plastic surgery and weight loss procedures, to non-invasive treatments, you could find great deals.  But unfortunately, the new normal changed

Meet Dr. Carlos Duran in Madrid, Spain

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Dr. Carlos Durán Dr. Durán is the Head of the General and Digestive Surgery Services at Quirónsalud La Luz Hospital in Madrid, Spain. He is also Head of the Obesity and Metabolic Diseases Surgery Unit. With more than 22 years of experience in laparoscopic obesity surgery, he has performed more than 800 interventions with a


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