Meet Dr. Sanguan Kunaporn


Introduction of Dr. Sanguan Kunaporn

Many Gorgeous Getaways clients know of Dr Sanguan Kunaporn who was featured in the docu-reality series – Beauty and the Beach. For new gg members I would like to introduce you and let you know why I liked to work with him for so many years. Dr. Sanguan is very thoughtful, attentive to details, has a warm attitude to patients, with a strong wish to meet your expectations by discussing surgical methods and possible outcomes.

His Background

Dr. Sanguan is renowned worldwide as a serious, innovative plastic surgeon who is willing to take on challenging and complex cases. Patients find him to be thoughtful with a keen attention to details and always ready to explain technicalities. He specializes in breast aesthetic surgeries: breast augmentation, breast lift or mastopexy, breast reduction
and revision of all kinds.

Pioneer in Gender Transition

He is one of the pioneers in male-to-female gender reassignment surgery, and among those who are still performing this type of surgery in Thailand. This has gained him a following from all over the globe He is former Vice president of the society of plastic reconstructive surgeon of Thailand and Secretary General of The Society of aesthetic plastic surgeon of Thailand (ISAPS) In the international arena, he is a committee of Educational council and membership of the International Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery.

Locally, he is the Director and RM Surgical Committee of PPSI. He sees it as his obligation
and goals that all PPSI clients are satisfied with the service and their surgery result is within acceptable standards. He works tirelessly to mentor younger surgeons through PPSI fellowship program and is happy to pass on his knowledge and experience.
Apart from his medical duties, he has been a member of Rotary for many years. In 2013-14, he was a District Governor. He often hosts exchange students to stay with him and his family in Phuket. He has frequent meetings in both domestic and abroad consequently so his clients are encouraged to book their surgery months in advance to ensure availability.

Thailand is well known in the world as a place of tolerance for transgender people. Gender reassignment surgeries are accepted by the Buddhism religion as a normal human being right. Thus, GRA surgeries have a long and successful history in the country of Siam. Transgenders all over the world arrive in Thailand to make their life-changing procedure and meet high-quality service and warm attitude. One of the most respected and world-recognized surgeons specialized in this area is Dr. Sanguan Kunaporn, who is at the same time Director of Phuket Plastic Surgery Institute.

The Demand for Plastic Surgeons in Phuket

Plastic surgeons at Phuket are popular and much-in-demand, thus I will for sure write about all of them, and will start from the boss Dr. Sanguan. Graduated from Bangkok Medical University in 1984 with Surgeon Diploma, he learned plastic surgery in 1988 – 1991. His practical experience in esthetic surgery is now over 28 years and renowned as an innovative and serious specialist in GRA and mammoplasty procedures. He made thousands of women happy with their breast after reconstruction, revision, breast reduction, lifting or breast augmentation surgery. Dr. Sanguan is the person who is willing to take on challenging and complex cases, previously rejected by other clinics or surgeons. Scars made by Dr. Sanguan look accurate thin, becoming almost invisible with time.

Consultative Approach

He is sure that breast beauty is not in large size but in a nice harmonious shape, relevant to woman height, weight and body shape. During the consultation, he uses computer simulation programs for visualization of the surgery results giving the patient various options. Women are happy with the result and recommend a doctor as the best one in mammoplasty. Thus, I highly recommend booking a surgery vacation with Dr. Sanguan at least 6 months in advance due to his busy schedule. Due to Covid-19 this may change. 

I always ask Dr. Sanguan a lot of questions because he is an easy-going person, always eager to help. So if you have any – don’t hesitate to write down, I will refer them to Dr Sanguan – one of the best world breast surgeon of our days.

Please feel free to connect with my profile is you have any questions.

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