Claim Your Coupon – Save 10% on Your Surgical Package

10% off surgical procedures
10% off surgical procedures

Exclusive offer on any surgery package or destination

Only available till May 31, 2022. Special Promotion for all our partner hospitals for all procedures in all destinations.
Valid procedures include: cosmetic surgery, bariatic, dental, gender transition, hair restoration, and orthopedics.



Claim My Coupon

You can apply your 10% savings to apply to any surgery package and destination anytime between now and to 31st December, 2023.  You will be required to request a firmquote that is within 6 months of your surgery date before your surgery date is confirmed. And you will also be required to secure your tentative date (till dec 2023) with a $500 refundable deposit. If you have any questions please contact your destination manager or [email protected]

Note:  This is a gorgeous getaways offer only.  If an additional discount becomes available from the hospital, clinic or specialist we will apply the additional discount as well.  It’s a win-win!


(Medical Savings Plan)

If you are need time to save, you can join our interest earning medical saving plan with as little as $50 down. Max. of 24 months. This will allow us to assist you over the next year or so make an informed decision on whether medical travel is for you. We urge you to join the community and contribute to the forum.

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For more information, pricing, and quotes please contact your destination manager, or [email protected]




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