Medikal Therma

Medikal Therma


Istanbul Medikal Thermal is located in the Asian part of Istanbul.  It features a thermal hot tub and a pool with thermal water.  It also has a gym and spa that offers anti-aging treatments and regenerative medicine. Such as physiotherapy, peloidotherapy, electrotherapy and hydrotherapy treatments.  Orthopedic, Neurologic, Pediatric and Hand Rehab is also available.

A Health Club for guests with pain problems, it is aimed to eliminate pain, while for the guests who do not have pain problems, it is aimed to have a quality life for many years.

Depending on the life standards after 40 – 45 years of age, waist, neck, back, joint and muscle pain are aimed to eliminate. At the same time, the Health Club offers the pleasure of long and high quality life with early diagnosis and elimination of physical health problems.

Trainings taken during these pleasant times accompanied by the life coach ensure health gain and continuity even when guests leave the facility.

Istanbul Medical Thermal, which is on the modern side of Tuzla Mineral Spring and Thermal Spa, is one of the most important facilities in Turkey, where conventional Thermal Spa, as well as Modern Hydrotherapy and Physical Therapy elements are used.

They aim to provide healing (as they have for more than 700 years) has renewed itself in every era and sets examples with its forward-looking applications for similar subsequent establishments.